Tuesday, May 10

Juz random.. WANIBEAR indeed =)

I've been lazy (verrryyy) in updating this blog..but its mine, so..up to me ^_^

Can't wait to finish this theoretical phase and enter the pre-Real World of Doctors

Gonna push myself all out and I REALLY NEED TO PASS THIS PRO EXAM

Had a very great holidaysss(a lot!) even the GreaT 0_o exam is just an inch apart though

Compacting 2 YRS THEORIES learned in 2 hemispheres of the brain for 1 exam n now with less than 1 week left, GORGEOUS!! this is not jz another SPM at all

The more facts need to be digested, the more chewing 'nutritious' food activity acquired ;D

The more u read, the more u'll forget = The least u read, the least u'll forget -so why read more? dang! at least the more u read, the more u know even juz the toppings, regardless u remember the fillings or not..

Brain may interpret what the eyes can see n vice versa, but theres no assurance that it will be UNDERSTOOD, rite? - take ths words deeply ;)

I'm learning n trying to be a better person, improving myself in every aspect insyaAllah.. but I don't give a damn on 'nonsense judges n critics'..

I'll try my best to make my family n future family proud n happy + dreaming of a happy family of my own =) I LOVE U ALL (u knw who u are =))

I Love my papa bear =)

-random thoughts- nitezzz -_- zZZzz..


shahjiehan said...

berani tol pose atas jalan...

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