Thursday, July 28

Today more than yesterday

Saturday, July 23

X-japan ballad songs, my all time fav!

One of my fav song called Forever Love. Ni time last diorg perform together sbb lepas tu masing2 nk bwk diri in their own careers.

Endless Rain, the best.

But u hv to hear all those guitar versions. The Best!
-Endless rain
-crucify my love
-the last song
-say anything

Thursday, July 21

Cooliris! cool!

Penah download this plugin tp after format2 laptop ni lupe dah..then bila takde keje googling images, rase cam susah nk view satu2..then I remember of this, download2 =)

And this is my precious space ^__^

Saturday, July 16

paying a =)

Daripada cuti hari tu takdelah ape sangat, just enjoy my days watching movies, dramas, series with no worries at all ..hmm at least for now heeee =). Somehow I have to fulfill my target to finish that Talley Clinical Examination book before I put a step in HTAA this Sept. And now thinking of that do worries me, a lot :-s
Last 3 weeks my family from sabah turun ipoh. But i didn't join 'em going here and there because I was busy in the kitchen helping my mom out preparing them welcoming home meals =). 4 hari 3 malam then me n my mom join diorang g KL for some raya shopping. We stayed 2 nights in KL and then we made our own ways. Me back to Ipoh n them back to Sabah.
Then last week I went to KL again, visiting my loves.. ^_^