Saturday, July 16

paying a =)

Daripada cuti hari tu takdelah ape sangat, just enjoy my days watching movies, dramas, series with no worries at all ..hmm at least for now heeee =). Somehow I have to fulfill my target to finish that Talley Clinical Examination book before I put a step in HTAA this Sept. And now thinking of that do worries me, a lot :-s
Last 3 weeks my family from sabah turun ipoh. But i didn't join 'em going here and there because I was busy in the kitchen helping my mom out preparing them welcoming home meals =). 4 hari 3 malam then me n my mom join diorang g KL for some raya shopping. We stayed 2 nights in KL and then we made our own ways. Me back to Ipoh n them back to Sabah.
Then last week I went to KL again, visiting my loves.. ^_^


Medical Student said...

mashaAllah wani, dah habis baca talley? mantap! boleh aja nady nnt ae :)

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