Wednesday, February 10

Walkin through this life as a 21..

21 to be actually... I juz realize that things happen when we least expect them the most.. if before, u guys will go like.. i hate that, there is no way that thing gonna happen to me, i always play safe, no shit will be dumped on me, i've planned well everything,i'm really sure bout that... heart or feelings is a very complicated element of life... u can say that u r really sure bout it, but u r not God, to keep maintain it the way it used to be... things happen, feelings u can be stubbornly sure dat u want to do this, but the next day as early as u open up ur eyes, u r in dilemma..."am i really sure this is rite? am i goin to regret this decission?"...and to solve those...pray to Him so that we'll be guided to the rite paths, rite choices, rite decissions and accept whatsoever that is being destined by Him for us...there is silver lining in every cloud...=)
-i'm tryin hard to keep hold on to myself, circumstances and challenges seem to get bigger and bigger, i regret for every mistake that i've done.. God, forgive us n guide us...we are so weak that most of the time we r defeated..


anakira said...
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SaWaKo said...

linking??? maksud anda? haha..sori blur2..hehe

anakira said...

haha. letak link blog anda laa kat blog saya..haha..:P

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