Friday, April 23

Yeahhh!! m home!!!! (^_^)v

Wuhhuu yeehaa hoorayyy!!!!!... jz finish the exam...hmm not really actually, all of us need to resit for our OSPE paper due to some mistakes...well things happen..=) there's silver lining in every cloud..
I'm home, lots of plansss in my mind rite now, yeah The Brianna Evigan Mission...but wif only 9 more days left??hmm, i really need to suffer myself then..huhuhu...
I dun have any idea wot to write here actually, juz wanna update this a kinda gloomy blog, trying to find the ideas n concept for this, n... i'll be back soon once i have one..hehe...chow~! and here 1 of the pict..experimenting wif my late grandpa's SLR =)


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