Friday, June 4

Motivation of a lifetime..Be strong n look forward wani =))

I wish you
the strength of all elements

We seldom think of what we have
but always think of what we miss

Don't cry because it's over now
laugh because it happened

What happens
happens for a reason

The more precisely you plan
the harder destiny will hit you

Don't make an effort
because the best things happen
when you least expect them

The greatest events
are not the loudest
but the most quiet hours

The most difficult lesson to learn is
Which bridge in life to use
or which one to break off

Everybody sees how you seem
only some know who you are

Plan for tomorrow
but live for today

Love doesn't require
two people to look at each other
But that they look together
in the same direction

Life is drawing
without an eraser

I wish you'll always have:

Air to breath,
Fire to warm you,
Water to drink and
The earth to live in =)


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